28 09 2008
Senator Obama and Senator McCain met in their first debate. The first half was devoted to the economy in light of the crisis that is currently going on. Senator McCain flew in from Washington where he spent the prior days working on a compromise. Obama had to be called off the campaign trail by President Bush.
Senator McCain stumbled in the beginning but he quickly regained his step and began delivering a can of whip azz on Obama.
Obama began stuttering and interrupting like he used to do when he debated Hillary and he also kept saying he agrees with John McCain like he used to say he agreed with Hillary. He doesn’t have any idea of what he is doing because he is not ready to be President.
McCain cleaned his clock again during the second half of the debate the foreign policy part. That is John McCain’s strong suit. Obama really stuttered. What is with Obama calling McCain “John” he has no class. He looked like the kid and McCain looked Presidential.




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