29 09 2008
The great and powerful Obama wants to forget about this election thing and he wants us all to bow down and kiss his feet. He doesn’t want critics. Anyone who dares to disagree with Obama must need to be arrested. That is why he voted for FISA because he wants to take over this Country. We need to wake up America before we end up in hell.
Obama and his supporters who are cult like in their devotion will insult people and intimidate people. Not voting for Obama? You have to be racist. Don’t agree with him–your a liar and a racist. These are the type of things Obama says to people and then expects them to vote for him.
Obama you have to get through this election and since you like to intimidate people it may move the polls for you like it did in the Primary. It isn’t going to work in the General Election when they get into the privacy of the voting booth and remember the terrorism of your campaign and cast that vote for McCain. Try to cheat in all 50 states.




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