30 09 2008

Obama is a pig. Say it to yourselves 100 times Obama is a pig. Doesn’t that feel great. Obama is a pig who deserves to lose not only the White House but also his senate seat. He belongs in some Muslim Country where the women have no rights and are under the Burka. That is what he plans to do here once he takes over this Country.
Obama and his campaign are so focused on defeating Sarah (never mind that she is VP not President) that he is looking for a teenage actress to play a pregnant Rape/Incest survivor. This is disgusting and makes me think long and hard about my remaining a Democrat in the future. I cannot believe this scum bag thinks this is a good idea. The more I learn about Senator Dumbo Ears the more he needs to be defeated.
Senator Obama thinks that since a lot of black women support him because he is black and despite his sexism that women would do the same.
Women need to be protesting this and making sure that Politicians do not use such ads in the future. We need to protest the women’s groups as well as any media that plays these sort of ads.
Obama is a disgusting pig. I think that all women who vote for him deserve to be shipped off to a Country where women have no rights then they would see. I have never felt that women’s rights were in danger under a Republican President even Ronald Reagan who I disliked. Obama is a disaster and must lose.




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