1 10 2008
Barack Obama and ACORN are in the news again thanks to the Senator trying to force tax payers to pay money to counsel people who lost their home when it was ACORN that bullied the banks into giving loans to people who could not afford them. It was their fault that these people had these homes they couldn’t afford. Now this makes no sense to me.
I am sick of the government paying people because they are irresponsible. Got a mortgage that you knew you couldn’t afford when you signed the papers the government will bill you out. The banks make bad loans the government will bail you out.
How about people being held responsible for the choices they make. I think that is what we need. We need the government to say “You got yourself into this mess you get yourself out of it.” Sometimes people have unforeseen circumstances and the mortgage they could at one time afford they can no longer afford it. I feel bad for them but when you know you cannot afford the mortage when you sign the papers then what do you expect?




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