6 10 2008

I am from the ghetto so one of the things I am interested in finding out about how the candidates treat their poor folks. Now Obama represented black people in Illinois and he had two types of folks that he represented–those who were rich or middle class and those folks that live in the hood. It seems that Obama represented his rich and middle class black folks but neglected his poor people. He allowed his rich friends to become developers and they bought buildings and did not maintain them properly. One building didn’t have any heat and the other building was full of rats and roaches. The tenants complained but nothing got done. Typical slum lord– a do nothing scum ball that takes advantage of poor people.
The neighborhood was in worse conditions then it was before proving that sometimes the government needs to be the run running these housing projects because at least the buildings will be up to code.
I lived in a Housing Projects for years and after a law suit HUD remodeled the projects and they looked beautiful. The Tenants became proud of where they lived and kept it that way. The Management saw the residents take pride in that community and they kept putting money into the projects and spent money keeping it up. Public housing can and will work but there has to be mutual respect between tenant and Housing Authority. Hawkins Village is a success story and would make a good model to prove that if you fix up these projects then the Tenants will take pride in where they live and they will remain beautiful. Does Hawkins Village have graffiti on its buildings–no one time some teenagers spray painted the building and the other residents told on them. The mother was charged 3500 to clean the graffiti off the building. The residents also keep their trash off the ground and little kids are taught to pick up litter.
I disagree with Obama that the government cannot run these projects like private businesses. The proof is in both Obama’s district and in the projects that I used to live in.




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