18 10 2008
Greta got an email from Carl who says that he and his wife got an email from Discover Credit card company that they donated $2300 to the Obama for America campaign. The couple said that the couple would never donate $2300 to any candidate. They wouldn’t even contribute a dollar to any politician.
The Obama campaign says they are working on refunding all the people who say they did not contribute to the campaign. However, they cannot explain why this sort of thing keeps happening to them. Someone is trying to smear the campaign is their usual call. It was the Clinton’s that did this and of course the McCain’s stole this money and sent it to the Obama campaign. That is how they defend themselves by blaming someone else for what they do? Remember the passport office was broken into and the Obama campaign blamed Hillary and John for this. That is the only way they know how to fight is to smear other people and blame them for smearing them.




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