21 10 2008

Jack Murtha the Congressman from Western PA who made news last week by calling the people of Western PA a bunch of racists. He apologized for that but yesterday he made another remark this time he limited the area to just the Mon Valley whom he labeled as red necks. His Congressional District includes areas of the Mon Valley.
The Mon Valley was hit hard by the steel mills closing in the 80s. They have been the slowest to come back and the people in a lot of the Mon Valley towns are poor. They also have several towns that have lots of African Americans. Jack Murtha figures that it is OK to brand the people in the Mon Valley because so many of them are poor and it seems the Democrats no longer want the poor people in their party.
I think its time for the people from the Mon Valley to teach both the Obama campaign and Jack Murtha a lesson on playing the race card inappropriately. I cannot believe the arrogance.
I know the Obots are going to say we cannot blame this on Obama of course to hear them tell it you can’t blame that skinny little twig for anything. Well guess what it is his fault he is supposed to control his message. I guess his message is to call White people racist and black people jealous. I do not know what I would be jealous of an ugly, skinny, big ear racist, sexist pig for I don’t know but that is their attitude.