25 11 2008
Howard Dean the chairman of the DNC has finally spoken out against the sexism of the 2008 campaign. He, of course, blamed it on the media and no blame on the sexist pig that was his selected Nominiee. He didn’t see Barack give Hillary the finger. He didn’t hear Obama talk about Hillary being irritable once a month when the claws come out. He didn’t see the way Obama went out to touch Hillary during every debate. He didn’t hear Barack’s smart ass wife and dumb Elizabeth Edwards talk about how Hillary couldn’t handle her own house how could she handle the White House. He missed everything that Barack, the pig, said.
Obama has no respect for women and neither do Democrats and Howard Dean. They know they lost a lot of women this election and if the Republicans had come out this year they would have lost. Howie knows that the Republicans will nominate a conservative the next time and they better know this. They will never get the ones that left back if they do not find a way to achieve gender parity and all of the female traitors do not count as women as they are not women they are idiots and deserve to lose whatever positions they have for turning against Hillary the way they did. I wonder if the master pig himself will feel the need to denounce sexism. I doubt it since he hates women and has no interest in doing anything but making sure he has his little wifey to take care of those kids that they ignore.
The media was horrible but Howard before you and the rest of the Democratic Pigs complain about the media they better clean their own house.


21 11 2008
This afternoon my 17 year old daughter and I were discussing sexism in both music videos and in the media. My daughter is a 17 year old African American young woman who supported Hillary Clinton during the Primary. She and I watched as the media and the Democrats tore Hillary apart. Sarah entered the race and more sexism flew. Women were told to shut up and fall into line. Men openly showed their hostility.
It was OK to call Hillary a bitch or to call Sarah a cunt. Hillary supporters were called horrible names. We were told that we had to vote for one of the most sexist candidates I have ever seen because he was better for women.
I am an African American and if anyone ever told me to vote for a member of the KKK because he were better for African Americans I would be outraged. I am a woman and as a woman I do not want to be told to vote for a man whom I know is a sexist pig. I know he will be a disaster for women. How can I expect anyone who seems to hate women like Obama does to look out for the best interests of women.
I have three daughters, whom I taught that they can be and do anything they want to do and that any limits they have can be overcome.
I dutifully taught all my children how to overcome racism but I had no idea that I would need to teach my girls how to overcome sexism. I will never make that mistake again.


18 11 2008
Hillary Clinton is on Obama’s short list to become Secretary of State in his first term. I hope he does right by her and gives it to her if she wants this. I mean he was really nasty to her and he continued to lie on her using his lap dogs Chris Matthews and Keith Obermann.
I know that in four years the Republicans are going to nominiate a Conservative and he needs to get those of us who he lost in 2008 because for one thing we have already voted for the Republican this time and any negative feelings regarding voting for a Republican would have ended once we cast that ballot in 2008. The Republicans are going to have a lot of Conservatives and there are a few Conservatives like Sarah Palin that we will vote for as well. How Obama treats Hillary is going to go a long way in healing the party division.
Obama won because the Republicans stayed home. They will not stay home with a Conservative at the top of the ticket. Obama mistreats Hillary or blames her for all his problems then I would iminage that he is not going to heal the division and will be a one term wonder.


18 11 2008
Women are never going to break the two hardest highest ceilings unless they work together. Look at African Americans they worked together to elect President-elect Obama. African Americans are a small portion of the US and women are more then half of the population. We need to work together. Obama broke that glass ceiling and it is time for African American women to join in the effort to make sure a woman becomes President and VP within 20 years.
What I usually tell my African American sisters is “We have now joined the White women in the fact that our sons can become President but our daughters cannot.” I am encouraged by this. It is time for all women to work together. It’s time to end sexism.


13 11 2008
Women who supported Hillary in the Primary rather or not they voted for Obama are seeking gender parity but Obama says he is not appointing women to the cabinet because gender is not a reason to be in the Cabinet. So his race is a good reason for an unqualified idiot to be elected President of the United States although people did not give the fool a mandate.
Women should not have voted for this fraud if they ever had any hope of having gender parity they should have backed McCain who proved that he thought women being capable of being not only in his cabinet but also he put one on the ticket. I am afraid women are going to have to learn this hard lesson to quit backing Democrats for being Democrats and look at how they treat women in their real lives.
Obama is a sexist I have said this since January and women are not going to get anything they want from this administration and to those who voted for Obama you are going to get what you deserve. You should have done your own research before listening to the so called women’s groups and Hillary Clinton.
Women want parity then they are going to have to support each other.
Please contact President elect Obama and demand gender parity especially if you voted for him threaten to withhold your vote in 2012. Women it is time to stand up and tell both Political parties that it is time for the sexism in both parties to stop.


6 11 2008

First of all Obots you are disgusting creatures and not welcome on my blog. I can call you Bots on my own blog.
The Obots are really White People who only voted for Obama because they are guilty or feel guilty. The true Racists voted for Obama. These idiots actually think Obama won WV but he didn’t. They also had the nerve to tell me I am not African American.
Funny I am more African American then the fraud that has somehow found a way to buy himself an election. That man is only half black not a beautiful mahogany as I am. He has only one black parent who did not raise him. I suggest white racist boy that you learn a little about the black man you supported.
He is not from the hood but I am. He in fact grew up a spolied little child of privilege. He actually grew up in a white household.
What does he know of my life? What does he know about teachers who think you are a racist because you are a “dark skinned” male? He knows nothing.
I do not appreciate little racist whites making comments on my blog about me not being black. Try living in my shoes for twenty four hours and then we can talk.
This is the whole reason that Obama is going to fail he failed to control them during the campaign and now look at them they are out of control.
Let me tell the Obots how it is going to go. First the press will love Obama until he actually becomes President and the media stands to make millions on the scandles that he has in his closet. They will attack and attack and Obama who is used to only love from the media will panic. He will continue to fail at performing his job. He will be slammed from the moment he becomes President. He will watch his wife become the victim of sexism and it will make him confused and angry. He will not remember all the times he did that to the Clintons.
The US will likely be attacked by terrorists. Obama is not going to get away with screaming racist. He will have to react with force and not peace talks. He is going to have to defend this Country. He cannot sit down with our attackers and try to talk to them he will have to hit them hard. Is he up to the challenge. I don’t think so.
As more and more things come out about Obama the more people will demand investigations into some scandal he will have. The American people will see the error of their ways and he will not be reelected.
Obama had the chance to lead the youth and he led them into the Thug Life or what his white supporters think is the thug life.
I am black Obama supporters deal with it.


3 11 2008
An audio tape from January of 2008 with Obama saying that people can build new coal plants but his administration would bankrupt them with fines for CO-2 emissions. Twenty five percent of all electricity in this country is generated from coal.
Obama was endorsed by the UMW in March because he is from a coal producing state. I bet they are not trilled with that endorsement now.
This tape can cost Obama the state of PA and keep WV in play for McCain.
Obama plans to destroy the coal industry to save the planet. How does he expect people to provide income for him to redistribute if he taxes small businesses and the coal industry big money. I am not so sure that America wants to be green but have no jobs.