6 11 2008

First of all Obots you are disgusting creatures and not welcome on my blog. I can call you Bots on my own blog.
The Obots are really White People who only voted for Obama because they are guilty or feel guilty. The true Racists voted for Obama. These idiots actually think Obama won WV but he didn’t. They also had the nerve to tell me I am not African American.
Funny I am more African American then the fraud that has somehow found a way to buy himself an election. That man is only half black not a beautiful mahogany as I am. He has only one black parent who did not raise him. I suggest white racist boy that you learn a little about the black man you supported.
He is not from the hood but I am. He in fact grew up a spolied little child of privilege. He actually grew up in a white household.
What does he know of my life? What does he know about teachers who think you are a racist because you are a “dark skinned” male? He knows nothing.
I do not appreciate little racist whites making comments on my blog about me not being black. Try living in my shoes for twenty four hours and then we can talk.
This is the whole reason that Obama is going to fail he failed to control them during the campaign and now look at them they are out of control.
Let me tell the Obots how it is going to go. First the press will love Obama until he actually becomes President and the media stands to make millions on the scandles that he has in his closet. They will attack and attack and Obama who is used to only love from the media will panic. He will continue to fail at performing his job. He will be slammed from the moment he becomes President. He will watch his wife become the victim of sexism and it will make him confused and angry. He will not remember all the times he did that to the Clintons.
The US will likely be attacked by terrorists. Obama is not going to get away with screaming racist. He will have to react with force and not peace talks. He is going to have to defend this Country. He cannot sit down with our attackers and try to talk to them he will have to hit them hard. Is he up to the challenge. I don’t think so.
As more and more things come out about Obama the more people will demand investigations into some scandal he will have. The American people will see the error of their ways and he will not be reelected.
Obama had the chance to lead the youth and he led them into the Thug Life or what his white supporters think is the thug life.
I am black Obama supporters deal with it.




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