13 11 2008

Women who supported Hillary in the Primary rather or not they voted for Obama are seeking gender parity but Obama says he is not appointing women to the cabinet because gender is not a reason to be in the Cabinet. So his race is a good reason for an unqualified idiot to be elected President of the United States although people did not give the fool a mandate.
Women should not have voted for this fraud if they ever had any hope of having gender parity they should have backed McCain who proved that he thought women being capable of being not only in his cabinet but also he put one on the ticket. I am afraid women are going to have to learn this hard lesson to quit backing Democrats for being Democrats and look at how they treat women in their real lives.
Obama is a sexist I have said this since January and women are not going to get anything they want from this administration and to those who voted for Obama you are going to get what you deserve. You should have done your own research before listening to the so called women’s groups and Hillary Clinton.
Women want parity then they are going to have to support each other.
Please contact President elect Obama and demand gender parity especially if you voted for him threaten to withhold your vote in 2012. Women it is time to stand up and tell both Political parties that it is time for the sexism in both parties to stop.




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