18 11 2008

Hillary Clinton is on Obama’s short list to become Secretary of State in his first term. I hope he does right by her and gives it to her if she wants this. I mean he was really nasty to her and he continued to lie on her using his lap dogs Chris Matthews and Keith Obermann.
I know that in four years the Republicans are going to nominiate a Conservative and he needs to get those of us who he lost in 2008 because for one thing we have already voted for the Republican this time and any negative feelings regarding voting for a Republican would have ended once we cast that ballot in 2008. The Republicans are going to have a lot of Conservatives and there are a few Conservatives like Sarah Palin that we will vote for as well. How Obama treats Hillary is going to go a long way in healing the party division.
Obama won because the Republicans stayed home. They will not stay home with a Conservative at the top of the ticket. Obama mistreats Hillary or blames her for all his problems then I would iminage that he is not going to heal the division and will be a one term wonder.




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