21 11 2008
This afternoon my 17 year old daughter and I were discussing sexism in both music videos and in the media. My daughter is a 17 year old African American young woman who supported Hillary Clinton during the Primary. She and I watched as the media and the Democrats tore Hillary apart. Sarah entered the race and more sexism flew. Women were told to shut up and fall into line. Men openly showed their hostility.
It was OK to call Hillary a bitch or to call Sarah a cunt. Hillary supporters were called horrible names. We were told that we had to vote for one of the most sexist candidates I have ever seen because he was better for women.
I am an African American and if anyone ever told me to vote for a member of the KKK because he were better for African Americans I would be outraged. I am a woman and as a woman I do not want to be told to vote for a man whom I know is a sexist pig. I know he will be a disaster for women. How can I expect anyone who seems to hate women like Obama does to look out for the best interests of women.
I have three daughters, whom I taught that they can be and do anything they want to do and that any limits they have can be overcome.
I dutifully taught all my children how to overcome racism but I had no idea that I would need to teach my girls how to overcome sexism. I will never make that mistake again.




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