25 11 2008
Howard Dean the chairman of the DNC has finally spoken out against the sexism of the 2008 campaign. He, of course, blamed it on the media and no blame on the sexist pig that was his selected Nominiee. He didn’t see Barack give Hillary the finger. He didn’t hear Obama talk about Hillary being irritable once a month when the claws come out. He didn’t see the way Obama went out to touch Hillary during every debate. He didn’t hear Barack’s smart ass wife and dumb Elizabeth Edwards talk about how Hillary couldn’t handle her own house how could she handle the White House. He missed everything that Barack, the pig, said.
Obama has no respect for women and neither do Democrats and Howard Dean. They know they lost a lot of women this election and if the Republicans had come out this year they would have lost. Howie knows that the Republicans will nominate a conservative the next time and they better know this. They will never get the ones that left back if they do not find a way to achieve gender parity and all of the female traitors do not count as women as they are not women they are idiots and deserve to lose whatever positions they have for turning against Hillary the way they did. I wonder if the master pig himself will feel the need to denounce sexism. I doubt it since he hates women and has no interest in doing anything but making sure he has his little wifey to take care of those kids that they ignore.
The media was horrible but Howard before you and the rest of the Democratic Pigs complain about the media they better clean their own house.




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