15 12 2008
Pawnshops all over America are pulling in more customers for loans to make ends meet. Some of these people are pawning their toys that they are not using anymore just to meet pay roll. They can’t get loans from banks anymore so they must relay on Pawnshops. They are pawning boats, lawn mowers, and jewelry.
Everyone is struggling this year and Christmas sales are way down. We are in the midst of a depression will we be able to fix this financial mess. I hope so but I don’t think it is going to be fixed by just one administration.
I hope America made the right choice in November but I am not feeling confident that our President elect is going to be able to handle this coming Economic Disaster.



14 12 2008
Studies show that the most profitable companies in the fortune 500 are companies that promote women. Studies show that women score better on tests that test an Managers effectiveness. Companies who promoted gender parity were found to be from 18% to 36% more profitable.
If women support other women by supporting their businesses and if more people are educated about how women are good for business.
Perhaps with more studies women will finally reach gender parity in all areas of life. America will benefit when women reach their full potential.


12 12 2008

Freethinker one of my favorite bloggers on wrote this in the village blog.
I think she nailed it with this article. This furor over the Obama speechwriter who photographed himself and one of his immature buddies groping a cut out cardboard Hillary Clinton and his buddy was holding a beer to her lips. The media ignored this but The New Agenda called attention to this and now the media are covering it but a lot of males seem to think this is no big deal. James Carville told us to get over it and worry about domestic violence and getting equal pay and so on and so forth. This attitude is ridiculous and wrong.
I remember last year and the uproar over the Jena Six and the nooses that hung from that tree. I remember people saying it wasn’t a big deal because after all no one got hung. What is the difference between the nooses that hung from the tree and the cutout copy of a woman being groped by an immature young man? Nothing they are both wrong. To African Americans the noose represents millions of black men, women and children who were lynched. To women the groping represent billions of women who have been raped over the years. What about sexual harassment? This incident was Sexual Harassment. Where is Obama calling this man on the carpet for taking part in this offensive act. Where are the women’s groups protesting this very sexist man and demanding his job. He should be fired for this because it is sexual harassment. It is offensive and its sexist.
Cambell Brown called it sexist first of all she is a silent sexist and never once stood up for Hillary and Sarah and what does she do she turns around and blames the victim. She blamed it on Hillary. Cambell has lost all credibility with me as well with the media as a whole.
Women need to start supporting each other if they ever want to break that glass ceiling.


11 12 2008
The Obama transition team pretends they want to be more transparent. They are lying. Why are all the difficult questions on that website being removed because questions that are politely asked are being deemed inappropriate. I am not surprised that is what the fraud has been doing all along. This man is not going to be questioned because he thinks he is above the law. He is not above the law and what he is doing in attempting to silence his critics. He is attempting to censure the American people.
Obama claims he wants to be the President of all the people yet he clearly wants to silence critics. He is a proven liar and yet the American people elected him anyway. Now wait until it is their voices Obama silences.
He pretends that he is going to be open yet he has proven himself to be more secretive then any other administration in history.
Wait until Obama gets rid of the freedom of the Press and the state takes them over. I bet the media will be sorry for being so biased then.
Welcome to life in Obamanation.


10 12 2008
The arrest of Ill governer Tod Blagojevich by the Feds on corruption charges. The Governor was arrested Tuesday morning for allegedelly trying to sell the Senate Seat vacated by President elect Barack Obama.
The FBI stated that the Governor wanted some favors from candidates in exchange for an appointment. Valarie Jerrett was named as candidate number one but she took herself out of the running. Jesse Jackson Jr. The son of the first sucessful African American man to run for President ending up coming in second. He reportly offered 200,000 for the appointment.
The Governor had some very harsh words for the President elect using a vulger term to refer to the President elect.
The President elect also said that he didn’t have any contact with the Governor but in an interview a few weeks ago David Axlerod reported that the Governor and the President elect did in deed talk to the Governor about the appointment.
The Governor also made statements that Michelle Obama was given appointments to boards when she wasn’t qualified. I guess this is the Chigaco way.


9 12 2008
Are there any honorable politicians in Illinois? The Governor of Illinois was arrested for trying to sell the Senate seat left vacated by President elect Barack Obama. It seems that the feds were wire tapping Governor Blagavich.
Over the summer the feds said they had enough evidence on Blagavich to indict him. This makes me wonder why did this man attempt to sell the seat that this blogger hopes will be filled by an African American. I have never in all my life heard of a Governor who tries to sell a Senate seat. I would hope that most Governors are honest and select people for reasons other then they are able to afford to buy one.
Where is the outrage like their was outrage when the RNC bought Sarah some clothes, which by the way was legal and there was nothing wrong with this. Where is the outrage over a Governor trying to sell a Senate seat? Where is the statement from the Obama team? I know that Obama isn’t responsible for what this dirt bag tried to do but he should speak up against this.


8 12 2008

Chris Matthews is guilty of some of the most intense sexism that I have ever seen. He has been horrible to Hillary for years constintly making sexist remarks about her. He made several remarks about her having won a Senate Seat because her husband cheated on her.
This man showed how unprofessional he is by being so biased on behalf of Barack Obama who of course made him get a thrill run up his leg. This was so blatent. He also ignored the fact that women have never broken that glass ceiling yet Barack’s candidacy was historic. This was very sexist. He also allowed Barack to get away with being one of the most sexist campaigns in history.
Chris wants to become the Senator from my state. I wonder if he thinks the women will forgive him for all the sexism he showed this election year but women are not going to forget. I would say that women are saving some of his most sexist moments to play back in two years.
The media is full of bad seeds but one of the worst is Chris Matthews.
This blog is going to act as a watchdog for the media and lead the charge that these sexist people will lose their jobs if they continue using sexism.
Women are the majority of consumers in this Country and most of your networks are corporations which only care about the bottom line. Right now nothing will be done because sexism sells. Women need to stop buying and making sure the networks and advertisors know that women are no longer buying sexism and a boycott would occur if they continued to allow these sexist journalists to get away with it.
Women must make a stand against sexism in both the media and the political parties. Together we can break the highest hardest ceiling. Together we can stop the sexism. It is time to pressure MSNBC to fire Chris Matthews. Its time to say goodbye to Tweety.