1 12 2008

The Obots are about to explode or at least their heads will explode. President Elect Obama appointed Hillary Rodham Clinton as Secretary of State. I am not a fan of Obama but he is President and I do not want that man talking to all the crazy World Leaders that he wants to engage in conversations with. Hillary will prevent that because she has also recieved unrestricted access to the President.
I hope that President Elect Obama listens to Hillary because she does know what to do. This was a good choice on his part. I am a Conservative Democrat so I am pretty happy with all his choices right now but that doesn’t mean I support him. He will have to prove himself to me before he receives my vote.
I am so proud of Hillary Rodham Clinton and I am glad she will be on the World Stage. This will help her when she runs for President again. What year would depend on Obama because regardless of rather or not she runs in 2012 would depend on rather or not Obama runs again. The Press would love to repeat the past year but Hillary will not run against a sitting President. She actually has morals.
I am proud of you Madame Secretary.




One response

3 12 2008

HILLARY CLINTON was appointed Secretary of State on December 1.Her birth number is 8.Also,her name number is 8.On December 1,she was 61 years and 37 days old.The age adds up to 8(61+37=98,9+8=17,1+7=8)

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