2 12 2008]
Hillary Rodham Clinton a Moderate Democrat and Sarah Palin a Conservative Republican. What do these two women have in common besides their attempt to break the glass ceiling that did not break this year–women. So how did the supposedly year women made history go wrong? How did women lose?
The MSM are more responsible for this horrible year then anyone else. The media has earned its new reputation of being the Pig of 2008. Women Reporters were among the worst sexist out there. Andera Mitchell and Cambell Brown are two that come to mind but also Maureen Dawd. These women are nothing but traitors and as such women should try to destroy their careers and not watch these back stabbing catty women.
The Press used two different forms of sexism this election year. Hillary Clinton was the ball breaker and the bitch and Sarah was the good looking ditz. Both of these women have had media coverage about cleavage. Sarah had a fake picture posted of her on the Internet. Hillary had media pundits repeatedly call her a bitch. Hillary was called a bitch because she dared to play with the boys and follow their rules. Sarah tried to tone done her attractiveness by pulling her hair up and wearing glasses. It did not work they still made comments about Sarah’s legs.
The MSM has to be taken to task for the way they treated women this year.




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