8 12 2008

Chris Matthews is guilty of some of the most intense sexism that I have ever seen. He has been horrible to Hillary for years constintly making sexist remarks about her. He made several remarks about her having won a Senate Seat because her husband cheated on her.
This man showed how unprofessional he is by being so biased on behalf of Barack Obama who of course made him get a thrill run up his leg. This was so blatent. He also ignored the fact that women have never broken that glass ceiling yet Barack’s candidacy was historic. This was very sexist. He also allowed Barack to get away with being one of the most sexist campaigns in history.
Chris wants to become the Senator from my state. I wonder if he thinks the women will forgive him for all the sexism he showed this election year but women are not going to forget. I would say that women are saving some of his most sexist moments to play back in two years.
The media is full of bad seeds but one of the worst is Chris Matthews.
This blog is going to act as a watchdog for the media and lead the charge that these sexist people will lose their jobs if they continue using sexism.
Women are the majority of consumers in this Country and most of your networks are corporations which only care about the bottom line. Right now nothing will be done because sexism sells. Women need to stop buying and making sure the networks and advertisors know that women are no longer buying sexism and a boycott would occur if they continued to allow these sexist journalists to get away with it.
Women must make a stand against sexism in both the media and the political parties. Together we can break the highest hardest ceiling. Together we can stop the sexism. It is time to pressure MSNBC to fire Chris Matthews. Its time to say goodbye to Tweety.




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