10 12 2008
The arrest of Ill governer Tod Blagojevich by the Feds on corruption charges. The Governor was arrested Tuesday morning for allegedelly trying to sell the Senate Seat vacated by President elect Barack Obama.
The FBI stated that the Governor wanted some favors from candidates in exchange for an appointment. Valarie Jerrett was named as candidate number one but she took herself out of the running. Jesse Jackson Jr. The son of the first sucessful African American man to run for President ending up coming in second. He reportly offered 200,000 for the appointment.
The Governor had some very harsh words for the President elect using a vulger term to refer to the President elect.
The President elect also said that he didn’t have any contact with the Governor but in an interview a few weeks ago David Axlerod reported that the Governor and the President elect did in deed talk to the Governor about the appointment.
The Governor also made statements that Michelle Obama was given appointments to boards when she wasn’t qualified. I guess this is the Chigaco way.




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