12 12 2008

Freethinker one of my favorite bloggers on http://www.hillarysvillage.net wrote this in the village blog. http://blog.hillarysvillage.net/?p=32.
I think she nailed it with this article. This furor over the Obama speechwriter who photographed himself and one of his immature buddies groping a cut out cardboard Hillary Clinton and his buddy was holding a beer to her lips. The media ignored this but The New Agenda called attention to this and now the media are covering it but a lot of males seem to think this is no big deal. James Carville told us to get over it and worry about domestic violence and getting equal pay and so on and so forth. This attitude is ridiculous and wrong.
I remember last year and the uproar over the Jena Six and the nooses that hung from that tree. I remember people saying it wasn’t a big deal because after all no one got hung. What is the difference between the nooses that hung from the tree and the cutout copy of a woman being groped by an immature young man? Nothing they are both wrong. To African Americans the noose represents millions of black men, women and children who were lynched. To women the groping represent billions of women who have been raped over the years. What about sexual harassment? This incident was Sexual Harassment. Where is Obama calling this man on the carpet for taking part in this offensive act. Where are the women’s groups protesting this very sexist man and demanding his job. He should be fired for this because it is sexual harassment. It is offensive and its sexist.
Cambell Brown called it sexist first of all she is a silent sexist and never once stood up for Hillary and Sarah and what does she do she turns around and blames the victim. She blamed it on Hillary. Cambell has lost all credibility with me as well with the media as a whole.
Women need to start supporting each other if they ever want to break that glass ceiling.




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