Matthews: Palin is Like a Male Order Bride. More Sexism From the King Pig Chris Matthews.

1 04 2009

Remember when Hillary Clinton supporters accused Chris Matthews and MS-NBC of sexism in their coverage of the Democratic primaries, as the network became the Barack Obama Channel in 2007? Matthews has apparently decided to pick an easier target — one a lot less likely to get defended by PUMAs after the election. In an exchange with Howard Fineman last night, Matthews (not seen) says that Sarah Palin was like a mail-order bride for John McCain during the general election:

MATTHEWS: What happened between those two?
FINEMAN: Uh, it was a lost weekend that didn’t go beyond the weekend. [LAUGHTER]
MATTHEWS: He thought she was something special [crosstalk] but she wasn’t the genuine article.
FINEMAN: You know what? He had no idea, with all due respect to the Senator, he had no idea what he was getting. They came into the convention, and I was covering it closely at the time –
MATTHEWS: Was she a mail order bride? [CROSSTALK]
FINEMAN: Practically! He really didn’t know who she was!
Matthews (and Fineman, too) actually take two shots at sexual analogies here. At first, they discuss Palin as a one-night stand from a bar, and then they switch to the mail-order bride meme. If Matthews had talked about Hillary in such terms … well, actually, he did, which is why Hillary’s supporters objected so much during the campaign. It’s not exactly a classy moment here, either, considering Palin’s status as Governor of Alaska. Just what does a woman have to do to get Matthews to stop thinking of her as a sex object, anyway? Marry him?
No one will be surprised to see Matthews do this, but having Newsweek’s Howard Fineman busting a gut and joining in the fun may be a bit of a surprise. I thought Fineman had a little more class than this.

I hope Chris Matthews realises that not all Hillary supporters will allow Sarah Palin become the target of sexism. Chris Matthews is a Pig who is frustrated because he can’t get a woman to save his life which would explain his tingly leg that he gets with Obama.
Chris thinks that Sarah would be easier to attack then his first target Hillary Clinton because a lot of women who are supposed to support women not only refused to speak out about the sexism directed at Governor Palin but participated.
What makes anyone think that women won’t complain about an sexist attack against Governor Palin.
Sarah they are out to get you so you know you must have something the pig Chris Matthews fears.
Time for this Bozo to lose his job.




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