Today I Celebrate My Daughter on Her 18th Birthday.

12 05 2009

Today my 2ND oldest daughter and my fifth child turns 18 years old. I remember that very hot Mother’s Day, May 12, 1991. Haley was born at 6:41 PM after a day spent in labor. It was the day before I, myself, turned 27. She looked like a little Papoose. This was the first time I had a full term baby by C-Section so I had no idea that a new born could have such a round apple head. She was born with a head full of hair. I checked her earlobe to check out what color she was going to be. I counted her fingers and toes and wondered about what her life would be like.
Haley never had what my other kids had. Haley never had a father he decided that he didn’t want to be a part of her life then he passed away when she was three. My best friend and I were her parents basically.
Haley was a tender headed and tenderhearted child. She also has this tenderness with animals. Haley was always bringing home stray dogs and cats. She has nursed newborn kittens orphaned by females until another female was found.
Haley has gotten into trouble as well she is a girl from the hood and sometimes she followed behind people she shouldn’t have but she has learned from her mistakes. I am proud of Haley and now with a touch of sadness and a whole lot of pride I turn my precious baby girl over to the world hoping that she remembers all that I tried to teach her.
I love you baby girl.