RIP Michael Jackson 1958-2009 Well Done Mr. Jackson

28 06 2009

On Thursday I was in the middle of cleaning my house when my daughter in law came in to tell me that Michael Jackson was dead. I was so stunned that I didn’t believe her. Once I realised that this was true I was heart broken.
Michael Jackson who I grew up with as he went from being the lead singer of the Jackson five to being the biggest star in the history of music.
I was in high school when MTV came on the air. They refused to play black videos because they said “black people” can’t sell music. I never watched MTV because of that. Three years later MTV would change that policy because a man by the name of Michael Joesph Jackson dropped a video called Billie Jean. That is the first video by any black person on MTV.
Michael became bigger then anyone I knew thought possible. People loved him.
Michael Jackson will always be remembered.
To the Haters out there saying that he is pushing Iran off the front pages I say this. He deserves every accolade. NO ONE said anything when the world went nuts after Elvis died or John Lennon of the Beatles. Michael Jackson was bigger them both. I wonder why they are choosing to say this now?
Michael Jackson deserves the memorials he is getting so haters go to hell.

Iran Erupts in Protest all. Police Crackdown and Obama Plays Games

25 06 2009

There is a Revolution going on in Iran but instead of doing his job President Obama decides to ignore the biggest uprising since the 1979 Revolution. The Revolutionary Guard is killing people and using water cannons and tear gas to try to quell the Protests.
Our President for some odd reason decides he will not say anything. He gives this really stupid answer that the Iranians are going to blame us. NOTE to Obama they are going to blame us no matter if you speak out or not. He has only recently began to say something. I guess his drop in the polls are the reason for this.
Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton asked Twitter to remain online instead of closing down for scheduled routine maintenance.
The President of the United States on Saturday the day of the biggest protests and the most violence by the Government of Iran Barack Obama was hosting Pro Skateboarder Tony Hawk. I like Tony Hawk but instead of allowing Tony Hawk to skateboard through the White House I would preferred for my President to have spoken up about Iran instead we got Silence.
When he did speak up it was to weak. Mr President pull your head out of your azz and start acting like the President of the United States and not a member of a fraternity.

Hillary Clinton’s Elbow Fracture an Osteoporosis Warning – ABC News

24 06 2009

Hillary Clinton’s Elbow Fracture an Osteoporosis Warning – ABC News

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Its Time to Fire David Letterman. His Sexist Attack on an 14 Year Old Daughter of Former VP Candidate.

14 06 2009

David Letterman needs to be fired because it is time that the media is put on notice that sexism will no longer sell. David Letterman made crude remarks about Governor Sarah palin and her 14 year old daughter. It was 14 year old Willow Palin that attended the Mets game with her parents. David’s claim that his joke was aimed at 18year old Bristol Palin and not Willow did not explain his actions nor excuse them.
David Letterman also said Sarah Palin looked like a slutty flight attendants. He also referred to the Governor as a crack w***e. I find myself disgusted by his remarks. This kind of talk from comedians needs to stop now.
I remember the the days when making black jokes was acceptable until people decided that it was to offensive and protested against this kind of joke and people started losing their jobs because they made jokes like this. Don Imus lost his job for a little while and now he watches what he says. David Letterman is no different then Don Imus perhaps some time off without pay would change David Letterman’s perspective.
Keith O the number two sexist pig in media and the enemy to women everywhere supports David Letterman and he should also lose his job because he is also sexist. He lost the anchor chair but that isn’t enough he needs to lose his income. I don’t know why the pig is on Sunday Night Football but hopefully NBC will see the folly of his way. His network partner and Number one sexist Pig Chris Matthews would have probably excused Letterman’s statement but he is to busy recovering from the smack down Hillary supporters gave him when they ruined his shot at becoming Senator from the State of PA. Hillary Supporters would have killed any shot he had of winning and he knew it. I guess the Hillary Supporters left him with a pain in the leg instead of the tingles he got from Obama.
NOW did put Letterman in its hall of shame but they were to slow to comment and didn’t seem to do so until women complained. NOW doesn’t like to defend Pro Life women and Republican women. I guess Pro Life women and Republican women are not real women according to NOW. Perhaps NOW understands now that we are sick of Pro Life and Republican women being abused and greeted with silence by NOW.
The Conservative Press, Team Sarah, The New Agenda, PUMA, and Hillarysvillage supported Governor Palin and her family and they also are organizing a boycott in New York City on Monday, June 15,2009 at 4:00 PM.
Women need to stand up against sexism each and every time it is used against women.

David then releases an apology and said he was really attacking 18 year old Bristol Palin who has a baby. First of all Bristol Palin is not the only teenager in America who got Pregnant yet people think its OK to insult her. She is taking care of that baby and she graduated from high school with a baby. That isn’t easy.
David Letterman needs to be fired because he failed to understand what he did. He fails to understand that calling a woman a slut is never acceptable nor is it funny. He then insulted an entire industry the flight attendants but to David its OK to make that kind of statement because they are only women.
Women and girls are facing major problems all over the world. My daughter who is 14 and not any where close to being fat got a letter in the mail with her report card that said she was at risk for being obese. This kind of thinking is hurting our girls and women.
Barack Obama and the Main Stream Media also known as the liberal press made it acceptable to insult women. Together the fraud and the pigs in the media set out to destroy the reputation of a former First Lady. Barack Obama has made the most sexist remarks I have ever heard during both the Primary and the General Election. Barack has discovered that he can be destroyed by women which is why he did not look at male candidates for the Supreme Court. He will also replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg with a woman because if he wants any chance of reelection he is going to need women.
Keith Obermann another huge sexist pig is defending David Letterman. I guess they are in the sexist pig club. Keith’s partner in crime and Number one pig in the universe Chris Matthews will probably weigh in with the David is innocent but he is still reeling from the slap Hillary Supporters gave him forcing him to give up his dream of becoming the Senator from my State. He has spent the past few months kissing up to Secretary Clinton but I do not believe him.
David Letterman needs to be fired and so does Keith O and Chris Matthews.