RIP Michael Jackson 1958-2009 Well Done Mr. Jackson

28 06 2009

On Thursday I was in the middle of cleaning my house when my daughter in law came in to tell me that Michael Jackson was dead. I was so stunned that I didn’t believe her. Once I realised that this was true I was heart broken.
Michael Jackson who I grew up with as he went from being the lead singer of the Jackson five to being the biggest star in the history of music.
I was in high school when MTV came on the air. They refused to play black videos because they said “black people” can’t sell music. I never watched MTV because of that. Three years later MTV would change that policy because a man by the name of Michael Joesph Jackson dropped a video called Billie Jean. That is the first video by any black person on MTV.
Michael became bigger then anyone I knew thought possible. People loved him.
Michael Jackson will always be remembered.
To the Haters out there saying that he is pushing Iran off the front pages I say this. He deserves every accolade. NO ONE said anything when the world went nuts after Elvis died or John Lennon of the Beatles. Michael Jackson was bigger them both. I wonder why they are choosing to say this now?
Michael Jackson deserves the memorials he is getting so haters go to hell.




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