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29 08 2009


Can Dems Rescue ObamaCare?

28 08 2009

Can Dems Rescue ObamaCare?

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I think this article may be true. I also have a feeling that the Democrats are going to cut their losses and run as far away from Health care as possible because its very unpopular and likely to result in major loses in the Congress.

Obama Proving Incapable of Terror Fight

27 08 2009

Obama Proving Incapable of Terror Fight

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I think Obama is making a huge mistake by going after the CIA. This country was attacked and the CIA kept us safe.

White House power grabs – Washington Times

27 08 2009

White House power grabs – Washington Times

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I am so ticked off that this idiot is looking into charging the CIA. I don’t think the CIA went far enough. I don’t see anything wrong with this punk azz torture procedure waterboarding. Oh cry me a river please I have seen worse torture in the hood. Perhaps if the bleeding heart liberals ever took the time to visit the slums of the USA perhaps they wouldn’t think waterboarding is so tough. Yes it scares the crap out of you but I am sure the people who died in the stairwells or in a plane on 9/11 were afraid too only they didn’t get a chance to get over that fear.
These terriorists are scum and not worthy of humane treatment. Its time the USA forget about being part of the world that condones such behavior.

Ted Kennedy Dead at 77

27 08 2009

My heart goes out to the Kennedy family on the loss of  Edward, “Teddy” Kennedy.  I am not a fan of his and I am having a hard time getting over the way he insulted the Clintons.  I also have a hard time forgetting the girl that died in his car and waiting 24 hours until the family lawyers could lie his way out of this.

I have watched this family get away with murder for decades because they were Kennedys.  I have watched his nephew after hanging out with Uncle  Teddy rape a woman, get away with it and rape another woman. I have watched as another nephew killed a young 15 year old girl and get away with it for 30 years.   Its enough of praise for America’s nuttiest family.  The Kennedys haven’t been important since before I was born.

JFK gets credit for things that it was actually Johnson that did.  Teddy called Hillary racist yet Teddy thinks the best thing for inner city children are public schools.  He thinks poor children should be stuck in bad schools.  He also believes in Welfare the way it was before 1996 more proof to me that he is a racist.  Welfare was the modern form of slavery and poor schools are not fit enough to be open.  Perhaps if he were poor or sent his own children and grandchildren to poor schools then it would be different but his kids had the best.

Perhaps Teddy Kennedy can be remembered for what he was which is a skirt chasing, drunken, murderer who was also racist and of course a sexist pig. 

The Clinton’s are better then I am because I wouldn’t have said anything.  I would have ignored the question like I didn’t hear it.

Teddy Kennedy Passed Away today at age 77.

27 08 2009

I am not a fan of Senator Teddy Kennedy. I thought that he was a very mean man when he called Hillary Clinton a racist. I will never forgive him or the other dirt balls like Caroline Kennedy and Maria Shriver.
My heart does go out to this family for their loss but frankly I prefer to mourn for someone that didn’t kill a young girl and then run away from the scene of the crime. I prefer not to mourn for someone who treats women like they are meat. I prefer not to mourn for someone who insults a former first lady on the floor of the Senate when Stevie Wonder could see that it was Barack who played the race card.
I am sorry but I will never forgive him for what he did to Hillary and Bill.
I used to say nice things about someone who died but after Michael Jackson was insulted so bad I say why should I be nice Teddy wasn’t nice when he called Hillary a racist and he wasn’t nice when he ran away from the scene of an accident killing Mary Jo and he wasn’t nice when he caused a scene at the 1980 Democratic Convention which gave us Ronald Reagan.
Sometimes you just have to tell it like it is. I respect Hillary for speaking nicely because if that old fat drunk would have called me a racist he would have been picking up his teeth. I know I am ghetto but frankly I am sick of hearing what a good man he was. He stood up for everyone well he didn’t stand up for Hillary when it was her who was discriminated against and he didn’t stand up for Mary Jo.

Debate Shows How Little Obama Understands

27 08 2009

Debate Shows How Little Obama Understands

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Obama doesn’t understand that free market creates competition.
I am not sold on this idea either since the Prices are still way to high. There are plus and minuses on both sides.

A Blue Dog’s lament: ‘People are scared’ – Jonathan Martin –

23 08 2009

A Blue Dog’s lament: ‘People are scared’ – Jonathan Martin –

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The Blue Dogs are in a do or die situation here if they vote with the administration they risk their seats. I think in the end the Blue Dogs are going to end up voting against the Democrats on Health Care and other issues.
The Democrats can’t primary someone if the Blue Dogs stick together.

More Pics of Hillary Clinton

23 08 2009

Here are some more Pics of Hillary in Africa and in Asia

Hillary Clinton Pledges to Banish Sexual Violence

22 08 2009


Hillary’s on vacation this week but before she left she wrote an op ed for  She talks about her trip to Goma and what she witnessed there. 

She met with rape survivors one of whom was pregnant. The men who raped her also shot her husband and children.  They gang raped her and left her to die.  Thankfully neighbors got this woman to the hospital. 

She walked among the tents rows and rows of tents of people left homeless due to ongoing war. 

I am glad that Secretary  Clinton is taking on sexual violence.  Its about time people stood up for the women of the world.

Thank you Secretary Clinton.