Clinton Sees Evil in Sex Crimes. The Real Story About Clinton’s Visit to Congo

13 08 2009






I know with all the talk about Hillary’s show of temper the real reason for her trip to the Congo was to shed light on the plight of women in Africa who are being raped as weapons of war.  Women who must live in Refugee camps and face being brutally raped when they leave the camp to gather fire wood.  This is a very serious issue but the media can’t have that they don’t want things to change for women if they did they would have covered it instead of Secretary Clinton’s rightous indignation about what her husband thought and since when is Secretary Clinton “Mrs. Clinton” She is Madame Secretary and NOT Mrs Clinton.;_ylt=Avphd0Lm6nBuPQ4VN6h2r390fNdF  in this article at least someone cared about what the women in the Congo have been going through.  Rape is a violent crime that affects a woman for the rest of her life.  Rape being used as a weapon of war and in peace time are serious issues and instead of the media doing their jobs and reporting the news they decided to concertrate on a rare flash of temper.   What about the women to afraid to gather wood because they may be raped. Where is their voice? 

Thank you Secretary Clinton for giving all women a voice.




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14 08 2009
Anne Caroline Drake

Bravo! Hillary’s my girl too. When I got a newsletter last night from Eve Ensler about Hillary’s visit to the DRC, I was as livid as you are. So, I’m going to post about this too. Maybe if enough of us bloggers make a stink the mainstream media will take notice and start covering real news instead of infotainment.
BTW, the New York Times did a series of articles on her visit. I’ll include the links in my post.

14 08 2009
Bravo, Eve Ensler! Hillary Clinton Visits the DRC « Anne Caroline Drake

[…] to the DRC to try to prevent the rape of 200,000 women since 1996 didn’t hit the airwaves.  HillarysMyGirl16 passionately expressed the frustration I felt when I read last night’s V-Day news […]

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