Hillary Talks Tough to Pakistan Earning Respect From Conservative Press

31 10 2009

Hillary Clinton who is in Pakistan talking tough and letting Pakistan know that they need to help catch those terriorist especially Osamba Bin Laden and the other men responsible for the 9/11 attacks. 

Fox News and several other conservative Press sites wrote very positive articles about Secretary Clinton.  They know she is the only person in the Obama administration who has the  guts to tell the government of Pakistan that they need to do their part and the US will do theirs. 

Pakistan wasn’t very happy that Secretary Clinton was in their country.  A lot of the people over there doesn’t like the US despite what their government feels.

It feels so good seeing Conservatives writing such good things about Hillary Clinton.

Twenty Three Years is Enough Time to Get Rid of Rockerfeller

19 10 2009

The Democrats have finally got it.  They got it that it is time for the very racist and unfair Rockerfeller law is being overturned.  The Rockerfeller law gives more time to people who sell crack then it does to people convicted of selling powder cocaine. 

I disagree with the Washington Post article that claims that the Democrats pushed this racist law in to protect the innercity people from crack cocaine.  This law was the second wave of genocide that threatens the people of the hood.  The Democrats passed this law and the current vice president is a co sponsor.  He is saying he supports overturning this racist laws but trying to speak to him regarding this law which he co sponsored he refuses to even listen to us.  He just ignores the people but now that he isn’t just representing one state he has to reach out to the people in the hood.  

Senator Dick Durbin gets a thumbs up from me since he introduced this bill in the Senate this week.  Shelia Jackson Lee is the true heronine in this.  She has tirelessly fought to overturn this racist laws.

This is one bill that I hope passes the house and Senate.  I just hope Obama doesn’t pull a fast one.

To This Secretary of State the Common Person is Just As Important As the Diplomats

12 10 2009

Hillary Clinton does something as Secretary of State that I have never seen another Secretary of State do and that is spend time with everyday people.  She does it where ever she goes. 

This really humanizes our Government when such a high official in Government can party with the everyday people and not just the rich and powerful. 

The World now knows what we Hillary Supporters have always known that Hillary Clinton is simply the best.

Health promises vs. reality – Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

5 10 2009

Health promises vs. reality – Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

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Obama is lying about health care which should be of no surprise to anyone. I remember Oblahblah making fun of Hillary’s plan but he will hit you with a huge fine and you won’t be able to keep the health care you have.
Americans do not need Universal Health care if they are going to make it illegeal. I am sorry but you can’t compare this to car insurrance not everyone drives but everyone has health.
I am calling on people to oppose this health care plan.