Moving the Terrorist Trial. Note To President Leave Them Locked Up In Gitmo

31 01 2010

The Obama administration decided to move the trails of the suspected terrorists in lower Manhattan due to opposition. I know Mr Hope and Change wants the world to be a perfect place but it isn’t. Where are you going to have the trail? There is no where that would be safe and no where would be a good mood.
Frankly I think this decision to try these MONSTERS here is a horrible idea. They need to spend the rest of their lives in Gitmo bay away from everyone. If they are innocent then send them back to their own country.
We do not need to have these people in our prisons where the tax payers will pay for them. It is decisions like this that make me wonder about this President. I mean does he really love America or is he one of those people that think America is guilty of everything.
Mr. President I wonder if you want a second term because if you did you would never think that the Majority of Americans want this trail here. Remember Mr. President only 10% of the American people identify as liberals the rest are Conservative or Moderate. This is the other issue that the President seems hell bent on not listening to people with Health care being the second.
I can see President Obama heading back to Chi town in three short years if he doesn’t began to listen to the American people. YOU WORK FOR US.

The Senate Race in Mass. Why the Democrats Need to Wake Up Before its To Late.

17 01 2010

What is going on when the Democrats can’t hold onto Ted Kennedy’s seat. I like Martha and supported her in her Primary race. I am torn between wanting Martha to win over Hottie McHottie Scott Brown and wanting to teach the Democrats a hard lesson. The American People have spoken about Health Care they do not like this bill and yet the Congress and the White House are determined to shove this down our throats.
Massachuthes is the bluest state in the Country if Obama and the Democrats can’t even hold the Senate Seat then what chance do they have in November. The fact that Mass is going red should act like a wake up call to both the Democrats in congress and President Obama.
I hate that it is a Clintonista who must pay the price for the reckless behavior of the Democrats in congress and a President who is so willing to pass Health care even if no one likes it.
I know that 2010 is going to be a huge loss for the Democrats they will lose the house the question is how bad will those loses be. They will also lose the Senate including both seats up for grabs in NY.
It will be interesting to see how many Democratic Governors also lose in November. NY may go red again as well as several other blue states.
The Democrats didn’t learn anything from their time as a minority. They didn’t learn anything from watching the Republicans inplode. I guess that we the people are just going to have to keep throwing the bums out.
The Democrats lose on Tuesday they might as well call it quits now because in November the American people are going to teach both parties not to pass unpopular bills into laws when you know its unpopular.
They are going to send a message to President Obama to stop the spending and stop trying to prevent the American people just from knowing what is going on. This President promised transpiracy in government but of course that is just another campaign promise he broke.
I would like to see Martha pull it out and its quite possible the Democrats got the message across and if not I guess there will be sea to shining sea red this November.

An Open Letter to Harry Reid You Owe More then Obama an Apology. Harry Reid Just Another Racist Democrat

11 01 2010

Harry Reid said of then Senator Barack Obama was light skinned and didn’t speak with a “Negro Dialect” unless he wished to. Obama is light skinned most people who are Biracial like Obama are lightskinned. This doesn’t make him better or worse just light skinned. That part of his statement is not the offensive part just another thing overblown by the media.
The next part of the statement is not a gaffe its racist pure and simple. First of all we haven’t been Negros since James Brown told us we were black and proud. I was a little girl when that song came out but I remember the pure joy my parents and Aunties and Uncles felt dancing to that song. It made us finally proud of the color of our skin. Older black people did not and still do not like the term African American because of that song. Negros is our past Senator Reid not our Present. When you refer to us as a group please use black or African American nothing else will do. We are not colored nor are we Negros.
Now for the racist part of his statement that Barack doesn’t speak with a negro Dialect unless he wants too.
Guess what Senator Reid Most black people don’t speak with a Negro Dialect unless they want too. Believe it or not Senator Reid most black/African American children are taught how to speak English. Yes some children speak in what is traditionally known as Ebonics but there are children who are white that also speak this way. Its not a black thing Senator Reid its a hood thing. I don’t like the term Ebonics because it does assume all black children speak this language. I will admit that Ebonics was born on Ole Massa’s Plantation but it is not just ignorgant talk. There are rules and some of the sounds are different. Ebonics is a combination language of English, and several West African languages. There is also the Gullah language in some parts of South Carolina. I am a believer in not getting rid of this language and often speak it myself.
That being said I do not need some self rightous idiot insulting an entire group of people by assuming that we all speak the same language. I guess he thinks we all live in the projects or that we all know every black person in the world.
Harry Reid appologized to Barack Obama but he owes an apology to all Black people and Senator Reid remember this the next time Negro enters your mind “Say It Loud We’re Black and Proud.” Negros died with Segregation.

The Decade in Review

2 01 2010

I know that there is this debate about when the decade really ends but the truth is most people celebrate it now and not at the end of the year. 

Ten years ago we ushered in a new year, decade, Century, and Millimum.  People were terrified of the Y2K problem that would destroy the world.

The United States elected a President but the race was in dispute because of the closeness between the two candidates.  The Supreme Court rules on behalf of  Gov. Bush and of course the people who voted for Gore did not see that he won.

Soon people would unite around the new President because 19 men boarded four airplanes and our lives as Americans changed forever.  On September 11, 2001 nineteen men boarded four airplanes on a clear Tuesday morning.  At the end of that day 3,000 people would have lost their lives.   There would have been more but the passengers of the fourth plane brought the plane down in a field in PA not far from where I live.

This event brought us into two wars–The War in Afghanistan which is where Osama Bin Laden organized the 9/11 attacks.  We never did catch him but we injured him in Bora Bora.

Bush allowed himself to get distracted from the war in Afghanistan and got us involved with the war in Iraq.  Sadam Huisein was captured and hung by the Iraqi Government.  This war became biter and is still being faught.

Bush was reelected in 2004 and was hit by one of the worst National disasters Hurricane Katrina.  This Hurricane destroyed the entire city of New Orleans and it was through this event that the world found out that poor people weren’t evulacted from National Disasters.  Thousands of people died and millions are homeless.  Several million have yet to be placed back in their homes.

The Democrats took control of the congress back from the Republicans in 2006 and in 2008 after a bitter Primary battle Barack Obama became the first African American President.  He continues to have problems reaching the supporters of his Primary Challenger Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Democrats pass an unpopular health care plan and are hearing about it from their constituents.

This has been the Decade in Review.  If I have forgotten something please let me know.

Napolitano on the hot seat, again – Jen DiMascio –

1 01 2010

Napolitano on the hot seat, again – Jen DiMascio –

Well Well Well looks like another Clinton backstabber is about to resign. Anytime a President says someone’s job is secure that person is gone by the weekend.
I hope she enjoys her New Years Eve because she is a total incompetent and keeps making mistake after mistake.
Its time for Napolitano to go since she can’t seem to explain what happened last week and how that man got on a plane coming to our country. She isn’t interested in keeping us safe in the least.
Happy New Year Obama will say as he pushes her under the bus. Another Clinton hater gone.