The Decade in Review

2 01 2010

I know that there is this debate about when the decade really ends but the truth is most people celebrate it now and not at the end of the year. 

Ten years ago we ushered in a new year, decade, Century, and Millimum.  People were terrified of the Y2K problem that would destroy the world.

The United States elected a President but the race was in dispute because of the closeness between the two candidates.  The Supreme Court rules on behalf of  Gov. Bush and of course the people who voted for Gore did not see that he won.

Soon people would unite around the new President because 19 men boarded four airplanes and our lives as Americans changed forever.  On September 11, 2001 nineteen men boarded four airplanes on a clear Tuesday morning.  At the end of that day 3,000 people would have lost their lives.   There would have been more but the passengers of the fourth plane brought the plane down in a field in PA not far from where I live.

This event brought us into two wars–The War in Afghanistan which is where Osama Bin Laden organized the 9/11 attacks.  We never did catch him but we injured him in Bora Bora.

Bush allowed himself to get distracted from the war in Afghanistan and got us involved with the war in Iraq.  Sadam Huisein was captured and hung by the Iraqi Government.  This war became biter and is still being faught.

Bush was reelected in 2004 and was hit by one of the worst National disasters Hurricane Katrina.  This Hurricane destroyed the entire city of New Orleans and it was through this event that the world found out that poor people weren’t evulacted from National Disasters.  Thousands of people died and millions are homeless.  Several million have yet to be placed back in their homes.

The Democrats took control of the congress back from the Republicans in 2006 and in 2008 after a bitter Primary battle Barack Obama became the first African American President.  He continues to have problems reaching the supporters of his Primary Challenger Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Democrats pass an unpopular health care plan and are hearing about it from their constituents.

This has been the Decade in Review.  If I have forgotten something please let me know.




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