The Senate Race in Mass. Why the Democrats Need to Wake Up Before its To Late.

17 01 2010

What is going on when the Democrats can’t hold onto Ted Kennedy’s seat. I like Martha and supported her in her Primary race. I am torn between wanting Martha to win over Hottie McHottie Scott Brown and wanting to teach the Democrats a hard lesson. The American People have spoken about Health Care they do not like this bill and yet the Congress and the White House are determined to shove this down our throats.
Massachuthes is the bluest state in the Country if Obama and the Democrats can’t even hold the Senate Seat then what chance do they have in November. The fact that Mass is going red should act like a wake up call to both the Democrats in congress and President Obama.
I hate that it is a Clintonista who must pay the price for the reckless behavior of the Democrats in congress and a President who is so willing to pass Health care even if no one likes it.
I know that 2010 is going to be a huge loss for the Democrats they will lose the house the question is how bad will those loses be. They will also lose the Senate including both seats up for grabs in NY.
It will be interesting to see how many Democratic Governors also lose in November. NY may go red again as well as several other blue states.
The Democrats didn’t learn anything from their time as a minority. They didn’t learn anything from watching the Republicans inplode. I guess that we the people are just going to have to keep throwing the bums out.
The Democrats lose on Tuesday they might as well call it quits now because in November the American people are going to teach both parties not to pass unpopular bills into laws when you know its unpopular.
They are going to send a message to President Obama to stop the spending and stop trying to prevent the American people just from knowing what is going on. This President promised transpiracy in government but of course that is just another campaign promise he broke.
I would like to see Martha pull it out and its quite possible the Democrats got the message across and if not I guess there will be sea to shining sea red this November.




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