Murtha: the Virtue and Vice of Congress

10 02 2010

Murtha: the Virtue and Vice of Congress

RIP to Congressman John “Jack” Murtha who died on Monday at the age of 77 in Washington DC from complications from the removal of his gall bladder.
John Murtha represensted his district since 1974 when he became the first Vietnam vet elected in a special election in 1974. He barely won reelection in 2008 due to calling some of his constituents red necks and racist because he felt that they would not vote for Barack Obama. Although, there may have been some people who would not vote for Obama because he was black a lot of people wouldn’t have cared or had other reasons. This blog took issue with him making this statement.
John Murtha was known for his pork for his district which is more then likely why he kept getting reelected. He had a lot of respect among the GOP.
This very strong Hawk took on the Bush administration about ending the war in Iraq a war he once supported. He was right and the Bush Administration did start bringing our troops home.
Congressman Murtha you served the state of PA very well. May you rest in peace.




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